Useful informations


All European Union citizens can travel with a passport valid for at least six months


No vaccines or injections are required. It is advisable to carry some essential medicines for personal use (for example aspirins, antibiotics, intestinal disinfectant).


Each passenger is permitted to check in up to a maximum of 20 kgs and one item of cabin baggage per person. We strongly advise to use the tag provided to mark each bag with your contact details.


The climate is mild and dry at every season. It is advised to bring light clothing in cotton for the day, sunglasses, hats, comfortable shoes, swimming costume, sun screen protection, and a few warmer clothes especially for indoor places where air conditioning is strong and for the nights as the temperature range between night and day is very wide.


The official language is Arabic. In the main cities, hotels and shops it is very probable to find people that speak French. English is a language well understood and spoken too.


The local time is the GMT when the legal time is adopted and one hour behind during the summer time.


The local currency is Morocco Dirham (MAD). 1 EUR is equivalent to approximately 10,00 MAD. There is no limit to the import of foreign currency, but all receipts must be kept in order to exchange back to the original currency all the Dirham not utilised as it is forbidden to export the local currency. All the major credit cards are accepted in hotels, shops and best restaurants.


The local handcraft offers a vast range of products: from typical clothes in cotton and silk to silver jewellery and valuable stones, traditional barbers items, bras and copper objects, terracotta vases and wooden tools (briar-root of Essaouria), leather bags and shoes (the typical babouches). Bargain is not only a habit but also a must and an enjoyment as much as it is a pleasure to “get lost” in the meanders of the suk of Marrakech.


The voltage is 220 volts. Only in certain areas a legislation that is equivalent to the CEE health and safety law has been adopted. In a lot of areas the electric systems are not protected with an automatic cut-out, therefore it is strongly advised to pay the maximum attention when plugging appliances into power sockets in bedrooms and bathrooms.


To call Morocco form UK, the international dialling code to use is 00212 followed by the local number. To call UK form Morocco the international dialling code to use is 0044 followed by the local number. All mobiles that are able to connect to the international roaming can received and make calls and send texts. Travellers should check with their providers before travelling. Phone calls can be made form hotels but price should be agreed before calling as costs could be very expensive.


It is advisable, as in many Asian and African countries, to adopt very simple precautions (for example drinking water if not sealed, milk not boiled, using ice in drinks, etc.) 
The traditional national dish is the famous “couscous” made of bran, which goes with any food. Delicious is the “pastille”, very thin puff pastry, stuffed with meat of bird, grape, almonds and spices; various species of Tajine, made of cow meat, chicken or fish, with legumes, vegetables and onions; chicken with lemon. The exquisite “mechoui” and its skewers with mutton, is one of the most popular meat.


The climate on the coast is very similar to the Mediterranean weather, agreeable all year, with moderate summers and mild winters. The climate is dry in the inland and in the south due to the influence of the Sahara desert, with high temperature during the day and cool nights, especially in the mountainous areas. The temperature in Marrakech is between 22 and 35 Celsius degrees during the summer. The temperature in Agadir varies between 23 and 28 Celsius degrees during the summer.

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